Protecting Your Vehicle

The American Power Bedliner is a spray-on or roll-on epoxy based protective coating combined with Dupont Kevlar, which gives any paintable surface the strongest, most durable protection available on the market today. It will give the surface a non-slip, non-skid finish that is also moisture and chemical resistant. It's formulated to give your vehicle or any surface the best protection against the heaviest use and workload. It's uses are virtually unlimited, whether used on pick-up trucks, commercial or recreational vehicles or equipment. The American Power Liner offers you the best protection and the best look!

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Protect Your Floor? No Problem!

American Power Floor Products offer any surface the finest, strongest protection available. We have protective coatings with and without Dupont Kevlar for any type of floor, whether concrete, wood, or asphalt. When applied, these products will make any floor slip and skid-proof; resistant to all moisture and chemicals and make cleaning a whole lot easier. Plus, they look great! We have products for any and all of your needs...whether you're looking for that show room finish or the best protection for heavy traffic from vehicles or equipment.

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The American Power Bedliner offers the best protection for any commercial application. Whether it's a dump truck, trailer, or tool box, you can't go wrong! The American Power Bedliner can be used as:

  • A water and chemical barrier for storage area floors and walls
  • An undercarriage treatment to prevent rust and corrosion
  • A tool box liner
  • Rustproofing silos and other metallic food storage areas
  • Non-slip walk-in freezer floors
  • A floor treatment for kennels or other animal habitats
  • Playground equipment protection
  • ... and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the American Power Bedliner the best?
Its epoxy Kevlar blend is more durable than regular spray on applications. Secondly, we offer an outstanding customer warranty and stand by it 100% to your satisfaction.

Is the American Power Bedliner easy to apply?
Of course it is! With our outstanding technical support team, we'll walk you right through the simple application process. We're with you from start to finish! There is no need for a paint booth or dedicated area. We've made it easy for any shop to get right up and going.

If I want to return some product to you, what do I do?
Call us with any issue or concern, and we'll help you resolve any issue to your satisfaction. If there is a need for product to be returned, we will issue you an RMA number, which allows everyone to keep track of the product through the process. All returns must have an RMA number or can not be accepted at the facility.

Need more information?
Questions about the product or company? Give us a call or contact us online via email.

Do you have the Material Safety Data Sheets for this product?
MSDS sheets are available for all products upon request.

Dealer Opportunities

Interested in becoming an American Power Dealer? Email us at or give us a call at 631-573-6025 and find out how to sell the best bedliner on the market today!

• Limited Areas Available
• Protected Territories
• No Franchise Fee
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